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Dr. Sthamer – Hamburg: foam fights fire

Dr Sthamer – Hamburg, has been developing and manufacturing state-of-the art firefighting foams since the 1920’s. Having been founded in 1886 by Dr. Richard Sthamer, we are still proudly owned and managed by the Sthamer family. Our base is still at the original site where we started in, on the banks of the Bille River in Hamburg Germany.

We started in the firefighting foam business when we developed and patented the stabilisers that made protein foam works as a firefighting agent back in 1923. Since that time we have had many ground breaking developments, including in 1953 we patented the world’s first Alcohol Resistant foam it was also a “Fluorine Free” foam.

We continue to develop and manufacture world class firefighting foams, from basic protein based foams to the latest synthetic based foams.

Recently we launched our latest “Premium Range” of AFFF and Alcohol Resistant AFFF foams, which utilise the latest C6 carbon chain fluorosurfactants, which are not only better for the environment, but with using them we have achieved the highest ratings possible under the exacting European firefighting foam standard EN1568, with ratings of 1A/1A, using these foams will allow considerable savings when your firefighting foams systems are designed according to the new EN13565 standard.


We have also achieved UL Listing under UL162 and have achieved GOOD passes from LASTFire, they are also now ICAO Level B Certified.

We also have a range of fluorine free foams including our Moussol FF which also has EN1568 and ICAO Level B certification.

We operate a tried and tested 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, emergency supply service where we can mobilise and ship foam from stock and also manufacture products to meet any emergency scenario.

Today we remain at the forefront of firefighting foam technology.

Our products are available globally through our distributor network, for more information please contact us directly or visit

Our 24-hour a day emergency service for swift deliveries during major fire incidents is available at any time on this phone number: +49 (0)40 / 73 61 68 – 0

Or visit youtube to see our foams in action




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