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Klaxon Signals Launch new beacons and sounders.

Klaxon Signals has developed a new range of fire signalling devices that ensure no one is left behind in a fire emergency.

Sonos Pulse fire beacons and sounder beacons emit a high-brightness pulsating light, complying with the new European standard EN54-23 for visual alarm devices. By using light, Sonos Pulse beacons reach those who may be audibly impaired, or those working in noisy environments, achieving effective evacuation.

Pulse Alert Technology disperses light evenly, providing maximum coverage using minimal consumption. Sonos Pulse devices are designed to fulfil evacuation requirements with just a single device for most rooms, reducing costs and increasing energy efficiency. Sonos Pulse devices use the same base connections as previous models; upgrading existing systems to use EN54-23 compliant products is typically a simple process.

EN54-23 specifies the minimum performance requirements for visual alarm devices. Klaxon Signals has exceeded these requirements, ensuring all personnel are alerted in a fire emergency. For more information about Sonos Pulse fire beacons and compliance with EN54-23,

Please visit the company’s new dedicated fire evacuation website at  or call +44 (0)1706 233879 to speak to an expert.

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