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Ukraine – Death Toll In Mine Blast Reaches 33 – Video

Ukraine – Death Toll in Mine Blast Reaches 33 – Video

1-Ukraine mineThe suffering in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine continued this week after a mine blast killed at least 33 workers. 

The blast happened just before dawn, more than 1,000 meters underground. While it happened in a Ukrainian region that’s been marred by clashes between the government and pro-Russian separatists, it’s believed that the blast was caused by methane gas — not fighting related to the war.

The civil conflict has nevertheless intensified the situation — Ukraine’s prime minister said Wednesday that rebels were hampering rescue efforts for the remaining miners. 

In this CC TV News video, a survivor describes what it was like during the moment of the blast. 

This latest unfortunate event is just one of many that have afflicted the mine during its 57-year history.

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