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China – Gas Explosion Kills Nine Miners

china mine blastAn explosion at a mine in southwestern China has killed nine miners and wounded 12 more, a report says.

Xinhua news agency said that the incident took place on Saturday when miners were working in a mine on the outskirts of Kunming, Yunnan Province.

“Twenty one workers were trapped as the mine filled with carbon monoxide after a blast” in the mine, an unnamed official said.

The report added that two miners lost their lives on the spot and another seven died in hospital.

This came days after flooding in a coal mine in northern China also killed 21 miners.

The world’s deadliest mine accidents reportedly occur in China, although the mines’ safety record has been steadily improving in recent years as authorities have enhanced enforcement of safety regulations.

China’s dangerous mines have seen declining deaths in recent years because of safety improvements as well as a decreasing demand for coal.

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