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Oil Spill Area Grows In Aftermath “Gunashli” Accident

guneshli_monitorinqOn December 13, a satellite imagery of the disaster area was conducted.

According to satellite images, the area of ​​the oil spill after the accident on the “Guneshli” field in the Caspian Sea continues to grow, according to satellite images, Oxu.Az reports with reference to RIA Novosti.

In early December, fire occured on an oil platform №10 of the “Guneshli” field in Caspian Sea that claimed lives and became the cause of the oil spill.

“On December 13, the satellite radar imagery of the disaster area from has been carried out by the European radar satellites Sentinel-1A. The picture shows the observed oil pollution in the vicinity of the field “Guneshli”, which spreads north of the platform.

Data of space radar allows to locate areas and sources of oil spills with high accuracy, and to assess the total area of ​​contamination, which as of December 13, covers more than 300,” the “ScanEx RDC” says.

Oil pollution looks like dark formations, with white dots around the platform which are vessels and offshore platforms. As a result of shooting the satellite Sentinel-1A as of 7 December 2015, the total area of ​​oil slicks in the area of ​​the field “Guneshli” was about 200

In the optical image of the satellite Suomi NPP as of 14 December 2015, the smoke plume that stretches from platform №10 of “Guneshli” field is observed.

According to the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR), the fire fighting and searching for missing persons is underway on the site of disaster. Under the fair weather conditions it is planned to localize the fire in the next few days.

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