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Texas Tornado Levels Halliburton Chemical Plant

halliburtonTexas Tornado Levels Halliburton Chemical Plant

Chemical spill, gas leaks reported after massive tornado levels Texas Halliburton plant

Emergency crews are working to contain a chemical leak after a tornado leveled a Halliburton chemical plant in Pampa, Texas.
According to the New York Times, two deputies with the Gray County Sheriff’s Office were exposed to an unidentified chemical that spilled after the twister ripped through the building on Monday.

The deputies refused medical treatment and no other injuries were reported.

A hazmat team from nearby Potter County arrived at the scene on Monday night and emergency officials are working to contain the leak, ABC 7 News said.

Images taken at the scene by ABC 7 News showed that plant was completely leveled by the storm.

Radioactive material stored at the site was not affected, the Times said.

The building was empty at the time and several vehicles in the parking lot were also unoccupied.

Houston-based Halliburton has not commented on the incident yet.

The tornado was just one of four that touched down on Monday as a severe weather system moved across Texas, damaging several businesses and causing a BSNF train to derail in Roberts County, KUTV said.

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