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Taiwan – Fire At Kaohsiung Refinery

Taiwan Ref FireTaiwan – Fire at Kaohsiung Refinery

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Large flames shot out from the chimney of a CPC Corp. oil refinery in Kaohsiung Wednesday after an equipment malfunction, causing alarm but no injuries.

Fengming Village official Hung Fu-hsien said he rushed to the gate of the state-owned oil Dalin Refinery to get an understanding of the situation, with nearly a dozen concerned local residents also gathering there.

“The flames and thick smoke in the air were terrifying,” Hung said.

According to CPC Corp., the unusually large flames, which were first spotted at 12:20 p.m., were the result of high-pressure liquefied petroleum gas being released after a compressor broke down.

Nearly an hour later, the gas flare had returned to normal after the compressor was repaired.
The firm said that no injuries or damage had been caused by the incident, and that regular operations had resumed following safety checks.

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