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Laos – Five Workers Killed After Mine Explosion

Laos – Five Workers Killed After Mine Explosion

Five miners were killed and one other injured after an explosion at a Chinese operated coal mine in Laos on May 10. The blast occurred in the Ta Oy district of Saravane province in the south of the country, according to news website Radio Free Asia (RFA).

Three of the dead and the worker who was injured are Chinese nationals while two of the deceased were from Laos. A local official said that an investigation into the incident is still underway.

RFA reports that the men were killed after rocks fell on them following an explosion. It is thought that the explosion was caused by a malfunction during blasting at the coal mine.

Local authorities are continuing an investigation in order to find the cause of the blast and claim compensation from the Chinese company operating the mine.

Fatal accidents involving mine blasting have occurred before in Laos. In October 2019, an explosion as a result of rock blasting at a Chinese cement factory in northern Laos killed one person and injured around 20 others. A number of houses and vehicles were also damaged in the explosion.

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