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SOLBERG – Revolutionizing Firefighting Foam Technology

Solberg is your one-stop resource for firefighting foam concentrates and custom-designed foam suppression systems hardware. An Amerex Corporation company, Solberg offers an extensive line of sustainable environment-friendly firefighting foam concentrates. SOLBERG Foam Suppression Systems Hardware is engineered by a team…

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Dräger at the INTERSCHUTZ 2015

We are dedicated to your safety, which is why we never stop innovating, improving and advancing our product portfolio. And because every mission is different, you can always expect Dräger to be there with the training, incident and maintenance solutions that…

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Protecting Cities

As our infrastructure becomes progressively more complex, so there is a greater need to protect our society’s supply lifelines. Keeping a small incident from becoming a huge blaze The forum CRI!SE (Critical Infrastructure Event) takes place for the third time.…

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Preventive Fire Protection Pavilion

In 2015, for the very first time, INTERSCHUTZ will feature an industry showcase dedicated to structural, technical and organizational fire protection. The perfect platform for you! The Preventive Fire Protection pavilion is where fire protection experts and manufacturers of active…

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