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Dr Sthamer – Hamburg announce the launch of their latest foam STHAMEX® AFFF1% F-25 Premium

Dr Sthamer – Hamburg, is pleased to announce the launch of their latest foam STHAMEX® AFFF1% F-25 Premium which has passed the LASTFire Test protocol for Fresh and Sea water with all GOOD results. The foam has been developed to assist industrial fire brigades involved in large petrochemical installations where logistics are important, the 1% foam uses a third of the volume and weight of standard foams making emergency transport and logistics simpler and safer for the site team, without compromising the Fire Fighting Efficiency and safety for the emergency fire responders.

The new foam has been developed using the latest C6 carbon chain fluorosurfactants and is in full compliance to the US EPA 2015 Fluorosurfactant requirements and also the European Unions’ Stringent Environmental Directives.

Not only does it meet the most stringent Industry Fire Standard LASTFire Fresh and Seawater tests it has also passed the EN1568 Part 3 tests with 1A/1A ratings.

Using the latest fluorosurfactant technology not only has Dr Sthamer been able to produce a high performance Fire Fighting Foam, they have also been able to reduce the environmental impact of their foam by using significantly less fluorosurfactants by volume.

Dr Sthamer – Hamburg is a family owned business based in Ham burg Germany, they have been trading for 127 years and is still owned and managed by the Sthamer Family.

Dr Sthamer – Hamburg has been at the forefront of Fire Fighting Foam technology and manufacturing since the 1920’s.

For more information please contact Mr Jan Knappert – International Sales Director

Dr Sthamer – Hamburg, Liebigstrasse 5, D22113 Hamburg, Germany.

Tel + 44 7795 101770


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