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Argentina – Chemical Plant Explosion Injures 66

Arg Chem BlastAn explosion at the Rigoni chemical facility in Córdoba, north western Argentina, has injured 66, according to the Buenos Aires Herald.

Two of the injured are in serious condition, and the November 6 explosion caused serious material damage, according to local witnesses. Police and firefighters were injured in the blast, and some have been hospitalised.

Provincial officials said a fire could have caused the explosion, although this will only be determined after the investigation has taken place.

Córdoba provincial Governor Juan Manuel de la Sota, along with some of his ministers, arrived at the explosion area to provide assistance to the victims. “The crater is huge – houses have been destroyed,” the governor is reported to have said.

According to the Argentine agency Telam, the factory produces chlorine products, and a toxic gas cloud could be seen above the area immediately after the explosion.

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