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Helping The Helpers To Save Lives

Interschutz-2015-logoEmergency and rescue professionals work closely with manufacturers of medical equipment and vehicles to continually optimize the care and service provided by first responders. At INTERSCHUTZ 2015, they will showcase their latest results.

In the emergency and rescue services, speed is obviously very important, but so too is having properly qualified and equipped personnel.

Let’s talk about car crashes for a moment. In most developed countries, the number road fatalities per year has declined over recent years, but road accidents are still among the most common causes of serious and fatal injuries. Thankfully, auto manufacturers are constantly developing ever more ingenious technologies to improve safety. But today’s advanced automotive technology can pose challenges for emergency rescue personnel, who need to be able to swiftly and safety deal with high-strength materials, active safety systems and alternative drive systems when attending accidents. That’s not always easy, but the good news is that digital rescue data sheets on every vehicle type have been specially developed to help rescue personnel in their hour of need. Rescue personnel can retrieve these sheets while en route and thus arrive at the scene fully informed and with the right equipment on hand.

These are just some of the technologies that enable emergency rescue professionals to arrive at the scene of accidents more quickly and better equipped. Rescue professionals, manufacturers of vehicles and medical equipment, and paramedics will be presenting the latest and greatest of these in Hall 26 and on the open-air site at INTERSCHUTZ 2015.
Main themes

Vehicles and vehicle equipment
Rescue, emergency, first-aid, and (para)medical equipment
Associations, organizations, service companies

Program: Your Presentation

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Supporting Program: …look forward to the following Highlights

The 17th Edition of the “Hannoversche Notfallsymposium” – the International Rescue Conference at INTERSCHUTZ 2015 – organized by Johanniter-Unfallshilfe e. V., the German Fire Protection Association (vfdb), the Lower Saxony Ministry for Interior Affairs and Sport, the Hannover Fire Department and the Medical University of Hannover is a forum where experts from emergency services and crisis management will meet and discuss the following:

The German “Notfallsanitätergesetz”: initial experiences and examples of implementation
A European comparison of rescue and emergency services
Cooperation between emergency and rescue services with, for example, the police, ambulance services

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