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Japanese Man Arrested For Sending Boy To Help Fukushima Clean-up – Video

Japanese Man Arrested For Sending Boy to Help Fukushima Clean-up – Video

FUKU blastJapanese police arrested a businessman on Wednesday for sending a 15-year-old boy to help clean up radioactive waste outside the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant.

The Aichi prefectural police said the boy, from Kitanagoya City, western Japan, was sent to Fukushima to cut contaminated leaves and scrape up dirt in the disaster zone last July.

He said his former employer eventually lowered his wages to just $30 a day and hit him when he did not do well at his job.

Workers cleaning up villages in Fukushima are supposed to receive a special hazard allowance equivalent to about $90 a day from the government in addition to their wages.

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