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Intershutz 2015 – Partner Country Days pay tribute to cross-border cooperation

Interschutz-2015-logoHannover. All roads lead to INTERSCHUTZ 2015, which is taking place from 8 to 13 June in Hannover, Germany. Exhibitors from over 49 countries make this a truly international event, and demonstratively underscore the significance of the world’s leading trade fair for fire prevention, disaster relief, rescue services, safety and security.

Partner Country Italy Day – 9 June: Italy’s national pavilion in Hall 26 nearly fully booked

Italy’s disaster management system is renowned throughout Europe for its flexible and dynamic structure. The system guarantees super-fast response times when emergencies and natural disasters strike. On the Partner Country Italy Day on Tuesday, 9 June, the country will be demonstrating its position of leadership in this type of work. The Italian exhibitors are not only presenting their products and services, but also seeking to develop or extend international networks.

The Italians are very satisfied with the large number of exhibitors from their country. By the close of registration 70 Italian exhibitors had booked stand space exceeding the total for the last INTERSCHUTZ. This is the first year that Italy has staged a national pavilion at INTERSCHUTZ, and the 200 square meter stand in Hall 26 is now almost fully booked.

This stand will be the main destination for visitors on Italy’s designated Partner Country Day. On 9 June, a “Walking Press Conference” will start from here in the afternoon and move on to the stands of selected Italian exhibitors. The tour will end in the Lounge with an “Aperitivo Italiano” – a happy hour where Italian delicacies will be served to guests. But the national pavilion with its distinctive Italian look will also serve as an important meeting point for industry professionals on the other five days of the show. Conferences and other events will be staged here, and the stand will host receptions for senior figures from government, organizations active in this field and industry associations both in Italy and Germany. Among the high-profile organizations expected to send representatives are the Italian Red Cross (at the invitation of the German Red Cross) and the Florence-based army research establishment Stabilimento Chimico Farmaceutico Militare (at the invitation of the German Fire Prevention Association, vfdb).

Further information:
Fiera di Hannover
Hannover Fairs International GmbH.
Margherita Borghi
Project Manager
Tel.: +39 02 70633292
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E-mail: margherita (at)

Partner Country France Day – 11 June : French innovations to make the world a safer place

The French industry sector that develops and provides products and services for civil safety numbers some 400 firms employing 16,000 people. Technologies originally designed for fire prevention have been refined and developed to the extent that they now cover all the needs of civil safety.

More than 60 French exhibitors will have a presence at INTERSCHUTZ 2015. On Thursday, 11 June, they are contributing to a Partner Country Day under the tagline “Innovations to make the world a safer place”, showcasing the very best of new French technology in four specific areas of expertise: forest fires, CBRNE (the threat from chemical, biological, nuclear and conventional explosive weapons), building safety and the management of rescue operations. Experts from France’s regional fire departments, from Paris and Marseilles, and from the country’s national civil defense units will be joining forces with French companies to present a full day of talks and demonstrations highlighting their know-how. There will also be plenty of opportunities in the French Pavilion in Hall 26 for visitors to meet and talk with industry professionals.

In the run-up to INTERSCHUTZ, French firms are emphasizing the way they stay in constant touch with front-line professionals out in the field. Only by so doing, as they point out, can they anticipate future requirements and develop appropriate solutions. So alongside the latest conventional pump equipment we now have drones, robots and control software. Leather protective clothing is being superseded by technical textiles, which are durable and comfortable to wear, and at the same time protect the wearer against fire and other hazards. And new types of equipment, according to the French, have been developed to deal with new risks.

The displays will include software solutions for operational command and control and the management of complex operations. Other featured topics include training courses and exercises with so-called “serious games”; a program with drones and robots that can be deployed in situations where the safety of personnel is under threat; new types of protective clothing adapted to the specific risks faced by the wearer and his specific requirements; new telecommunications and warning systems; new sensors and optronic solutions that help rescuers to be more aware of their environment and better able to assess new hazards.

The Partner Country France Day enjoys official support by France’s Ministry of the Interior and Business France, and its joint patrons are the professional and industry associations FFMI (Fédération Française des Métiers de l’Incendie/French Fire Prevention Federation), GICAT (Groupement des Industries de Défense et de Sécurité Terrestres et aéroterrestres/Association of Land and Air Defense Industries), FACIM (Fédération Nationale des Fabricants de Fournitures Administratives Civiles et Militaires/National Association of Manufacturers of Protective Clothing for Civil Defense and the Military) and the French fire service Sapeurs-Pompiers de France.

Further information:
Jean-Michel Dumaz
Consultant for Industrial Hazards / Civil Safety
Competitive cluster / Prides Paca
Tel.: +33 4 42 12 30 50
E-mail: jean-michel.dumaz (at)

Florence Zuber
Project Manager for Safety
Business France
Tel.: +33 1 40 73 37 98
E-mail: florence.zuber (at)

Partner Country Poland Day – 12 June: Germany’s eastern neighbor rapidly building a successful civil rescue industry

Across the border in Poland, the positive effects of the country’s infrastructure policy are reflected not least in the area of civil safety. Poland now has a modern rescue service, for example, and – just like Germany – a volunteer fire service. These have led to the growth in recent years of a strong civil rescue industry. Polish companies have signed up in record numbers for INTERSCHUTZ 2015, and will be showing visitors what they can do on a total display area of more than 1,500 square meters. At the Partner Country Poland Day on 12 June, the growing importance of the Polish market will be highlighted in numerous special events and promotions.

A press conference and several seminars will explore various aspects of the Polish market today. These presentations enjoy the official support of the Polish industry association EDURA (The Rescue Education and Technique Foundation). In partnership with Deutsche Messe, EDURA also stages the trade show “EDURA powered by INTERSCHUTZ” in Kielce, and the association will have its own stand at INTERSCHUTZ in Hannover, where firms planning to enter the Polish market can get further information about exhibiting at the upcoming EDURA in Kielce.

The Partner Country Poland Day also offers the opportunity to meet members of the Polish business community and representatives of various Polish organizations such as the national fire services association PSP (Panstwowej Strazy Pozarnej) in the “Polish Lounge”, and to talk at leisure while enjoying Polish delicacies.

Further information:
Hannover Fairs International GmbH
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Project Director
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