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KARBA is going to take place at INTERSCHUTZ 2015 event

Interschutz-2015-logoKarba, one of the Turkey’s biggest firefighting trucks manufacturer, is going to participate Interschutz 2015.

Visitors from all around the world can visit Karba at Hall 27 Booth N18


Our company is a company established to provide public and private sector to supply equipment in 1992. Originally founded as a marketing company, our company is growing recognition in the market, in accordance with the trust and incoming requests made against the company in 1997 KARBA ‘company began production under the onboard equipment. Ode to the present day is one of the few manufacturers in the industry başarmıştır.karb onboard equipment manufacturing activities of the Ankara Chamber of Industry, 1 remains at 6,500 m2 10,000 m2 production area in the Organized Industrial Zone. Control until the end of the design is done with a precision of 130 personnel with expert whole manufacturing process. Because it is an inevitable part of our after-sales service and the service sector, with our team of mobile roaming services 24 hours 7 days vermekteyiz.araç mounted equipment in the industry, we are producing in three main categories. These categories are: fire trucks, Kanalizyo the opening and cleaning tools are solid and liquid materials transport vehicles. The above mentioned are available in our production on a project basis, except the main groups.

Katagorisinde ladder fire trucks fire trucks, fire sprinklers, rescue vehicles, fire trucks lined up industrial tankers and support. Our fire ladders are manufactured in up to 32 meters working height of 12 meters. Our production is based on the order of fire trucks water tank, pump capacity and equipment are manufactured determined in accordance with the customer’s needs and demands. The correct superstructure solution to the user thanks to our team of experts in this regard is recommended.

Kanalizyo the opening and cleaning tools combined trenching and removal tool, compressed grooving tool (Kuka) and consists of three products, including Vacuum tool. Meet the needs of our customers in different pump capacity of this equipment in different storage capacity, is equipped with various options and hardware utilization.
Our third product line in need of intensive public and private sector garbage collection trucks, dump trucks and includes water tankers. Our garbage collection trucks and bucket hydraulic compression type (skip) can be divided in two. Hydraulic compression garbage truck 4 m3 capacity up to 22 m3 capacity manual and providing the ability to automatically use are manufactured in facilities that contain a lot of other options. Loader trucks are often preferred in areas not possible to collect debris. Our vehicles have the capacity to skip bin lifting and transport of up to 8 m3 capacity. Dump trucks in different capacities and models, we manufacture different materials such as Hardox or St-52. Water tanks we have made of carbon steel or stainless steel, pump, destroying roads, We manufacture various options, such as water spray. Our sales team to meet the needs of our customers and provide the right equipment.
From time to time due to the confidence in our company and our products come with demand from our customers regarding equipment not our main product groups. We meet this demand on a project basis. This product is a telescopic and folding some of our platforms, container washing vehicles can be counted.

Our company emphasizes on one of the features ‘Carbide A’ is producing branded water pump. TS EN 1028 the pumps having a document is being mounted in the vehicle offers normal and high-pressure tools. Carbide pumps to 1,500 L / min, 2,000 liter / min, 3,000 liter / min and 4,000 liter / min capacity, 2,000 liter / min and 3,000 L / min in capacity is produced in high-pressure options.
Continuous self-improvement, renewal, as part of the production equipment in the high standard of our country’s leading truck manufacturers, our company has entered into cooperation with the message. As a result, our company Mercedes-Benz Turk AS, Ford Otosan Inc. and MAN Truck & Bus Corp. Bodybuilder the company has been approved. Our firm other than the mentioned brands Temsa Global Inc., Iveco Inc., Anadolu Isuzu Inc. and Karsan Inc. has signed a contract like other elite upper-making firmalarla.
Skilled staff and specialized training of engineers Carbide accepted as a social responsibility, is working on different projects in collaboration between the universities and technical schools. To this end, they come to our facility, students from various educational institutions to make projects work and get training.

Serving our country around the outside of our vehicles, we believe that the company’s exports of our company and the industry’s development in order to be a part of the inevitable. For years, we have received equipment from abroad for domestic workers today, we produce in our country with engineers and materials. Furthermore, it of markets that we are exporting our products overseas. Our exports are more than thirty countries in the present and we are constantly working to increase this number. Carbide-branded equipment is now possible to see the world in many countries.

KARBA is the address where security and stability.


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