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Pakistan – Men Pickled To Death Inside of Chemical Tank

Pickle DeathsAt least six bodies were recovered from a chemical tank inside a pickle manufacturing plant in Pakistan over the weekend. 

Authorities reported that it appeared one man fell into the 20-feet-deep tank and that the other men then fell in, one by one, trying to rescue each other. One of the men was the owner of the factory.  

According to local media, the tank was used to store chemicals for pickle manufacturing and was covered only by wooden planks.

While local officials said they would wait for an autopsy to confirm the cause of death, reports from the scene were tragic and gruesome.  

“Some parts of the bodies had turned black and blue because of the chemical reaction,” said Asif Khan, one of the rescue workers. “Some kind of foam was also coming out of their mouths.”

Local media reported that the factory is built on a 400-square-yard plot in a residential neighborhood, and authorities have not yet determined if the plant is illegal. Though the incident appears to be an accident, authorities said they would investigate foul play.

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