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SOLBERG – Revolutionizing Firefighting Foam Technology

solberg_foam1Solberg is your one-stop resource for firefighting foam concentrates and custom-designed foam suppression systems hardware. An Amerex Corporation company, Solberg offers an extensive line of sustainable environment-friendly firefighting foam concentrates. SOLBERG Foam Suppression Systems Hardware is engineered by a team with over 225 years of combined in-the-field fire protection experience. 

ReHealingRE-HEALING™ foam is an innovative, high fire performing fluorine-free firefighting foam used to extinguish Class B fuels. RE-HEALING foam can also be used to prevent re-ignition of a liquid spill and control hazardous vapors. SOLBERG RE-HEALING foam concentrates are designed to replace traditional AFFF and AR-AFFF foam concentrates and older fluoroprotein foams. Concentrates are available in 1%, 3%, 6% 3×3% ATC™ and 3×6% ATC™ formulations.   
The first U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Stewardship Program – 2015 Compliant C6 Foam Concentrates. Intended for use on Class B hydrocarbon fuel fires, ARCTIC™ AFFF foam concentrates are available in 1%, 3% and 6% formulations. ARCTIC ATC foam concentrates are intended for use hydrocarbon and polar solvent fuel fires. Concentrates include 1X3%, 3×3%, and 3×6% ATC formulations.
FIRE-BRAKE™ foam concentrate from SOLBERG meets NFPA 1150 and is listed on USDA Forest Service (USFS) Qualified Products List (QPL). FIRE-BRAKE foam concentrate is a synthetic firefighting foam concentrate specially designed to be used for wildland, structural and other Class A fuel fires. The foam concentrate is biodegradable and non-toxic, so it is environmentally sustainable.

FIRE-BRAKE foam concentrate has the ability to reduce the surface tension of water, which substantially increases water’s overall wetting capability. This creates a faster penetration and greater fire control when attacking combustible Class A fuels. FIRE-BRAKE foam concentrate is proportioned at a rate of 0.1% – 1.0% in fresh, salt or brackish water.

At Solberg, we continually pioneer firefighting foam technologies to meet the latest demands of the aerospace, aviation, chemical, defense, energy, fire services, marine, mining, oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, pipeline, solvent & coatings and utilities industries.

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