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Israel – Dimona Chemical Plant Goes Up In Flames

isreal20 fire crews struggle to contain blaze at Rotem Amfert factory amid worries dangerous substances could burn
Twenty firefighting crews were attempting to extinguish a huge blaze Wednesday afternoon at a chemical plant in the southern desert down of Dimona.

The cause of the outbreak at the Rotem Amfert factory wasn’t immediately clear.

Initial reports indicated that the building was in imminent danger of collapse and firefighters were working to prevent the spread of flames to chemical deposits housed within the structure.

Firefighters said flames reached a height of up to 20 meters. No injuries were reported.

A subsidiary of Israel Chemicals (ICL), Rotem Amfert manufactures phosphoric acids, fertilizers, specialty chemicals and phosphate salts.

Last year, 1,100 ICL company workers went on strike because of proposed layoffs trickling down from ICL headquaters.

The strike ended two weeks ago when labor unions and plant management struck a deal to retain most employees.

Last year, 115 Rotem Amfert employees were laid off after workers and management struck a deal following a general strike.

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