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China – Five killed In Fuel Tanker Blast – Video

China – Five killed In Fuel Tanker Blast – Video

AT LEAST five people have died on a motorway after a tanker full of petrol suddenly exploded.
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As well as the confirmed deaths, paramedics have reported another 20 injured in the blast, with four currently in a critical condition.

Local residents in Yueyang City, China, rushed from their homes in fear of an earthquake after the initial wave from the explosion rocked homes in the surrounding area.

While the exact cause of the blast is currently unclear, the tremors from the petrol explosion are said to have been felt for several hundred metres after it occurred at a service station on the Beijing – Hong Kong – Macau Expressway.

Reports said four other vehicles were set alight by the blast and were later found to be nothing but burnt shells when rescue crews eventually doused the massive flames.
Windows at nearby office and residential buildings were also ripped apart by the shockwave.
Shattering glass was reportedly the cause for a number of the injuries.


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