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Aeronautics Company Unveils New System To Fight Oil Spills With Boeing’s 737-400

Oil Spill BoeingAeronautics company unveils new system to fight oil spills with Boeing’s 737-400

An Everett aeronautical company has unveiled a new way to use Boeing’s 737-400 cargo freighter.  It’s designed a system to use it to tackle oil spills from the air.

This first-of-its-kind system can be loaded piece-by-piece into the plane, then used to spray oil spill dispersant, to clean up large spills on bodes of water.

What makes it unique, is the whole thing can be removed to use the plane for other purposes.
Waypoint Aeronautical Corporation introduced the technology, called the Oil Spray Dispersant System, ODSS, at its headquarters in Everett today.

The Federal Aviation Administration has just approved the system.

It’s expected to be fully certified by the end of the year.

Currently, older planes that don’t have the holding capacity or speed of the 737-400 are used to spread dispersant onto water in the area of spills.

Waypoint worked with a UK-based company, the RVL Group, in developing the technology.

The companies reached a big milestone, when it received a Supplemental Type Certificate from the FAA, an important step toward making the dispersant system available to commercial operators, governments and government contractors in America and Europe.

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