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Brazil – Video Shows Deadly Tanker Crash & Explosion

Brazil – Video Shows Deadly Tanker Crash & Explosion

Brazilian authorities have released new video of a deadly tanker truck crash which left six people dead on a highway 400 kilometres south of São Paulo.

The video was captured by a restaurant security camera and shows a truck carrying more than 44,000 litres of ethanol lose control as it rounded a turn in the highway.

Video shows the truck running a car into the guard rail before tipping over and bursting into flames.

The explosion sent a massive plume of fire and smoke into the air.

As the flaming truck continued to roll down the BR-277 highway, the fuel tank it was towing came free and began sliding down the highway, colliding with 14 approaching vehicles.
Parana State Police said the July 3 accident was caused by the truck driver going twice the posted speed.

The police report released Tuesday also stated that five people were killed during the crash, while another person died at hospital.

Brazil’s Globo News reported a 17-day-old baby escaped the accident with just minor scratches and bruises, and it was believed that her parents had been killed in the accident.

The driver of the truck survived and has been charged with homicide.

According to a testimony to Civil Police, the truck driver knew about issues with the truck’s brakes, but still chose to drive the vehicle.

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