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One Dead, 7 Injured in Albanian Refinery Blast

Albania Ref BlastOne dead, seven injured in Albanian refinery blast

A large explosion and fire killed a worker and injured seven others at the ARMO refinery in Ballsh, southern Albania, on November 10. Police said a malfunctioning hydrogen valve caused the explosion, with pressure at the valve three times normal levels. The defect had been reported earlier but had not been repaired, local media sources claimed.

The seven injured workers are being treated for severe burns, and the condition of two was described as life-threatening. Damage was estimated to be around $1 million, according to local news reports. Prosecutors were investigating “a failure to observe technical rules”.

The Ballsh plant was reopened in September 2016 after a period of bankruptcy and closure. The refinery, with a capacity of one million tons per year, is now managed by an offshore company registered in the Virgin Islands.

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