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Evacuation From Sakhalin Platform Due To Gas Leak

Sakalin PlatformEvacuation From Sakhalin Platform Due To Gas Leak

Gas leak was detected from Lunskaya-A platform in Lunskoye offshore field on 9 nautical miles from Sakhalin east coast in Okhots sea. The crew from the offshore platform were evacuated to standby support vessel and the production was shut down.

The emergency works are under way, but there is no treat for the employees on board of the rig. The emergency teams are assessing the quantity spilled and the source of the leak. Also the authorities will request a full report for the environmental impact caused by the gas leak.

There were no reports for injuries during the accident and the investigation will be held after the situation is normalized.

“Today, gas leakage sensors on the platform were activated, therefore, for security reasons, we partially evacuated the personnel, who were not involved in the work”, said the press-service of Sakhalin Energy, which is operator of the field. “At the moment the emergency work is underway. An operational headquarters has been created and the plan to restore the platform is being developed. There is no threat to people and the facility at the moment”, adds the statement of the press service.

Lunskaya-A offshore platform was installed in Lunskoye field in June 2006 in the Sea of Okhotsk on 9 nautical miles from the Sakhalin east coast at water depth of 48 m. The Lunskaya-A platform is designed for year-round production and produces most of the gas for the LNG plant. Primary gas treatment is carried out on the integrated coastal technological complex (OPF), after which the gas is transported to the LNG plant.

The gas platform weights 133,000 tons, has height of 70.00 m and has production capacity over 50 million cubic meters of natural gas, around 50,000 barrels per day (7,900 m3/d). On the Lunskaya-A offshore platform were working 140 people during the accident.

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