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Interschutz (15/06/2020 – 19/06/2020)

Fire fighting, disaster relief and rescue: these are the main pillars of INTERSCHUTZ 2020.

Date: 15/06/2020 – 19/06/2020
Event Website:
Event Organiser: Deutsche Messe
Telephone Number +49 511 89 – 0
Venue HANNOVER MESSE, Hanover, Germany

This flagship fair not only boasts a rich tradition in firefighting, but for many years has also been covering a whole lot more ground.

From 15 to 19 June 2020, the gates will once again be opening on the world’s most renowned exhibition for rescue workers, firefighters and related professionals – an unparalleled showcase of the latest equipment and innovative approaches to emergency rescue. Some 1,300 companies from 46 countries will be presenting their cutting-edge products and services in Hannover, Germany.

As the leading international event for firefighting and disaster relief, INTERSCHUTZ puts the spotlight on the technologies of tomorrow.

Toughest Firefighter Alive (TFA)

The exciting contest for the prestigious “Toughest Firefighter” title is back again in 2020. And this time we are looking for the world champion. Preparations are already in high gear.

Fire Fighting

All methods of firefighting rely on starving the fire of one or more of the three things it needs in order to keep going – heat, oxygen and combustible material. In that sense, nothing has changed since the days of Ancient Egypt. What has changed is that modern firefighters are a lot more systematic in the way the go about their job. They don’t just eliminate the immediate danger; they keep a watchful eye on downstream risk and damage as well. Consequently, modern fire call-outs are a lot less spectacular than in the past. That’s because speed is not the only requirement; getting fires under control also calls for careful consideration – a measured approach that may sometimes appear slower and more deliberate, but which gets the job done more effectively.

Discover for yourself just how effective today’s fire-extinguishing technology can be at INTERSCHUTZ 2020. In halls 13 and 27 and on the open-air site, fire protection specialists from over 40 nations will showcase their innovations and world-firsts in fire protection and firefighting technology.

Main themes

Vehicles and vehicle equipment
Equipment for fire stations and workshops
Associations, organizations, service companies
Disaster Relief

At INTERSCHUTZ 2020, visitors will be able to witness the latest disaster relief and management technologies innovations first-hand.
Disaster management mobilisations like these pose major logistical as well as technical challenges. Solutions for meeting those challenges – everything from rugged water purification equipment to innovative software for managing and coordinating disaster relief efforts – will be on show in the Disaster Relief display areas in Hall 26 and on the open-air site at INTERSCHUTZ 2020.

Main themes

Vehicles and vehicle equipment
Equipment for technical support and disaster relief
Associations, organizations, service companies


Rescue professionals, manufacturers of vehicles and medical equipment, and paramedics will be presenting the latest and greatest of these in Hall 26 and on the open-air site at INTERSCHUTZ 2020.

In the emergency and rescue services, speed is obviously very important, but so too is having properly qualified and equipped personnel. Emergency and rescue professionals work closely with manufacturers of medical equipment and vehicles to continually optimize the care and service provided by first responders. At INTERSCHUTZ 2020, they will showcase their latest results.

Main themes

Vehicles and vehicle equipment
Rescue, emergency, first-aid, and (para)medical equipment
Associations, organizations, service companies
Interschutz 2020 Product Categories
Associations, organizations, service companies, schools
Equipment for fire stations and workshops
Fire extinguishing technology, agents
Information and organization
Measuring and detection apparatus
Personal protective equipment
Rescue, emergency, first-aid, and (para) medical equipment
Technical literature, model making, fan and gift items
Technical support and environmental protection
Vehicles and vehicle equipment

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