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Egypt – Chemical Depot Blast Injures 12

Egypt – Chemical Depot Blast Injures 12

Egyptian state news agency MENA said 12 people were taken to a hospital after an explosion at a storage facility belonging to a petrochemicals company outside Cairo airport on July 13.

The Minister of Civil Aviation, Younis al-Masri, said air traffic at the airport was unaffected by the explosion.

“Due to high temperatures, an explosion happened at a petrochemicals storage belonging to the Heliopolis for Chemical Industries,” said Colonel Tamer al-Rifai, a military spokesman, in a social media posting.

The company is owned by the Egyptian military. The military’s production arm manufactures a wide range of products from ordnance to refrigerators.

Egypt is fighting an Islamist militant insurgency that has carried out attacks, mainly in the Sinai Peninsula. In recent months, no incidents have been reported in the country’s mainland outside Sinai.

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