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Germany – Ten Injured & Hundreds Evacuated In Oil Refinery Blast

Germany – Ten Injured & Hundreds Evacuated In Oil Refinery Blast

At least 10 people were injured, four of them severely, after an explosion and fire at an oil refinery in southern Germany on September 1.

The blast at the Bayernoil complex caused a shockwave that broke window panes in nearby houses and buildings in the Bavarian town of Vohburg, near Ingolstadt.

More than 1,800 residents from parts of Vohburg and nearby Irsching were evacuated and emergency services urged everyone within a 20-kilometer (12-mile) radius to keep their doors and windows closed. Air tests later showed it was safe for people to return to their homes.

Local media said that a number of small explosions were heard after the initial blast. At the height of the incident, around 400 firefighters, emergency workers and police officers were deployed at the scene.

Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said the scope of the destruction was “terrifying,” describing piles of debris at the refinery complex, according to Deutsche Welle.

Bayernoil said statements regarding the cause of the incident and the extent of damage will only be possible after investigations have been completed.

The Bayernoil refinery complex, which also includes the Neustadt refinery nearby, has an overall capacity of 210,000 barrels per day. The company is 45% owned by Varo Energy, 25% by Rosneft Deutschland, 20% by Eni Deutschland and 10% by BP Europe.

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