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Angus Fire Announce New FF Aviation Foam

Angus Fire Announce New FF Aviation Foam

Angus Fire announce new FF Aviation Foam

JetFoam is the world’s first film forming, fluorine free (FF) foam high performance foam concentrate, designed for extinguishing and securing flammable aviation fuel spills and fires (Jet A and Jet A1).

  • Fast knock-down and extinguishment exceeding the requirements of ICAO level B
  • True Newtonian (low viscosity) foam to ensure accurate, easy induction and airport crash vehicle compatibility
  • Fluorine free to meet airport policy on minimising environmental persistence

JetFoam won the Gold Green Apple Award in the Science and Technology category for its environmental properties. It is a truly biodegradable foam concentrate with minimum environmental impact and outstanding performance, which is strong enough to tackle aviation fuel spills and fires.

Watch here how JetFoam performs during ICAO Level B test using AVTUR.


Visit for further information and Data Sheets

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