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Perimeter Solutions Innovates First Ever Fluorine Free  Dual-Purpose Firefighting Foam

Perimeter Solutions Innovates First Ever Fluorine Free Dual-Purpose Firefighting Foam

PHOS-CHEK® Class A/B Foam Delivers Effective and Environmentally Friendly Technology

ST. LOUIS, MO – Perimeter Solutions, the global leader in the production of fire retardants, foams, and water enhancing gels, along with a wide range of services for managing wildland, industrial, municipal, and military fires, today announced the commercialization of PHOS-CHEK® Class A/B foam concentrate, a new fluorine free firefighting foam capable of extinguishing Class A and B fuel fires with a single product.

Structural and industrial fires demand swift action and suppression. Too much is at stake with uncontrolled fires involving Class A and B fuels. Only the best, most innovative foam technology can be trusted to prevail in such fire situations.

PHOS-CHEK Class A/B foam concentrate is the first UL 162/ULC S564 listed fluorine-free synthetic foam concentrate specifically designed to rapidly control and effectively extinguish fires involving either Class A or B fuels. This firefighting foam is both flexible and environmentally responsible, capable of delivering high quality foam performance without any PFAS ingredients commonly found in Class B fluorinated products.

PHOS-CHEK A/B firefighting foam is user friendly and effective for use in a variety of applications including structural and residential fires, general facilities protection, Class A hazards (ordinary combustible materials such as wood, cloth, paper, rubber, and many plastics), Class B hazards (non-fuel-in-depth, e.g. vehicle fires), and foam training exercises.

Designed for use on Class B hydrocarbon fuel fires at 1% proportioning, PHOS-CHEK A/B foam concentrate is not intended for use on Class B polar solvents or water miscible fuels. The foam concentrate is a superior wetting agent for use on Class A fires in accordance with ANSI/NFPA 18. When used as a wetting agent, PHOS-CHEK A/B foam concentrate is UL/ULC Classified 0.1% proportioning for Class A fires and 0.25% proportioning for Class B Non-Water Miscible Fires.

PHOS-CHEK A/B fluorine free foam concentrate is a highly flexible product, compatible with conventional firefighting equipment such as low expansion non-air aspirating and air aspirating nozzles, monitors, medium expansion foam devices and Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS).

With ever-increasing global environmental awareness on PFAS containing Class B foam discharge solutions, PHOS-CHEK A/B fluorine free foam is an environmentally responsible next generation product and fire service solution to the growing review by regulators who look to restrict PFAS containing foam from being used for firefighting and training or prohibit its sale or distribution.

About Perimeter Solutions

Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Perimeter Solutions operates as a leading specialty chemicals business, producing high quality lubricant additives and firefighting chemicals with a broad product offering across fire retardant and fire suppressant foam applications. Perimeter Solutions is the only company with fire retardant products qualified for use by the US Forest Service (USFS). Perimeter Solutions produces major brands known throughout the world like PHOS-CHEK® and FIRE-TROL® retardant, foam and gel products; AUXQUIMIA® and SOLBERG® foam products; and BIOGEMA® extinguishing agents and retardants. More info:

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