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Demsa – Fire Extinguishing Agents Manufacturer To Be Present At Interschutz 2015

Interschutz-2015-logoDemsa is an Argentine industrial company specialized in the research and production of chemical agents to fight fires. It has been working for 30 years in tests, new technological developments and quality processes to manufacture dry chemical powders and synthetic foams to fight different types of fires.

Leader in South America, Demsa was created with the vision to manufacture highly reliable products. Along its trajectory, the company has consolidated its leadership based on strong investment in research and development and a strict quality framework in all manufacturing stages.

The prestige obtained has turned Demsa into the first provider of fire-fighting supplies in the Argentine market, going beyond its frontiers and exporting its products to the world. At the same time, its management is oriented to human resources training and continuous improvement to thus offer products which comply with the highest market requirements.

This vocation for quality is supported by the certification of all its processes and by the mounting of a standardized analysis laboratory of samples, under ISO 17025, which – due to its features- is today unique in Latin America.

Exhibition stand

Hall 13, Stand C07

Line of products

The product portfolio offered by Demsa -all applicable to fire prevention, control and fighting- includes two categories:

Dry chemical powders to be used in manually operated extinguishers or in mobile fire-fighting equipment and fixed facilities.

Synthetic foam concentrates to extinguish fires of polars (alcohols) and non-polars (hydrocarbons) fuels.

DEMSA´s dry chemical powders:

The dry chemical powders product line consists of

ABC dry chemical powders:

Demsa ABC 40
Demsa ABC 55
Demsa ABC 60
Demsa ABC 75
Demsa ABC 90

BC dry chemical powders:

Demsa Púrpura K
Demsa Sodic – STD
Demsa MI 10

D dry chemical powder

Demsa Class D

Demsa´s synthetic foam concentrates:

The foam concentrates product line consist of:

Low expansion foams for non-polar fuels

Demsa 201 MN / AFFF 1%
Demsa 203 MN / AFFF 3%
Demsa 206 MN AFFF 6%

Low expansion foams for polar and non-polar fuels

Demsa 233 MN / AR-AFFF 3/3
Demsa 236 MN / AR-AFFF 3/6

Quality certifications

Demsa has been certified under ISO 9001 since the year 2000, thus ensuring quality full effectiveness in the different stages related to product design, production and marketing.

The company commitment to conduct business respecting and preserving the environment is evidenced by the decision to conform its processes to ISO 14001 standards.

Demsa´s products are manufactured following IRAM strict quality standards, both audited and certified by IRAM and Bureau Veritas, consequently ensuring the essential reliability of products closely linked with safety issues.

Demsa´s products also comply with international standards, such as UL and EN.


Recently inaugurated -and with state-of-the-art technology- the “Center for Extinguishing Agents Standardized Tests” (CENAE) is one of the most important investments made by Demsa in the last years.

This laboratory, which is in accreditation process under ISO 17025 standards, researches and develops new products, checking compliance with the quality specifications of current products.

In a short time, the CENAE will be the first Argentine and Latin-American laboratory credited under ISO 17025, an international standard which establishes the requirements to be met by test laboratories so that their results are universally accepted.

CENAE certifications allow extinguisher manufacturers to have an international projection and make an incursion in new markets, since they guarantee compliance with the universal standards required by the Customs systems of importing countries.

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