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USA – Chlorine Gas Leak Occurs At Olin Chemical Plant

Olin Chlorine LeakUSA – Chlorine Gas Leak Occurs At Olin Chemical Plant

Exactly one month to the day after a massive chlorine leak at the Olin Corporation chemical plant in McIntosh, the company tells another leak occurred.

A spokesperson for Olin said Wednesday morning, March 15, a “fraction of a pound” of chlorine gas leaked at the facility. That amount is below the state’s reportable quantity threshold.

“The chlorine release quickly dissipated within our property with no impact on the community.  An alarm would have been inappropriate,” the spokesperson wrote in an email to FOX10 News Investigates.

The company has not yet released a cause for the recent leak.

Last month, on February 15, Olin said 738 pounds of chlorine gas leaked into the air.

In an incident report obtained by FOX10 News Investigates, the company said the cause of that leak was due to a “lack of attention to detail” by employees at the facility.

A shelter in place alarm sounded, but the company said the community call notification system was not working at the time of the leak, so nearby residents were unaware.

According to chemical experts, 738 pounds of chlorine gas would be almost enough to fill a tank car.
Chlorine is a dangerous chemical, according to the EPA, it can cause sight and breathing problems, and even respiratory failure.
A police officer who responded to last month’s leak told FOX10 News Investigates he got sick after the incident, and other community members said they have too.

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