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Gielle Fire Fighting Systems Announce VdS Approval of Components and Systems

GIELLE valves are designed and manufactured in fullest compliance with the strictest international standards and Fire Protection Certifications and Approvals in order to offer the greatest functionality and customer satisfaction. GIELLE Quality Control Department checks each item that leaves certification individually or by sample batch test to ensure the highest quality of all its products.
We are a leading inert and chemical gaseous fire suppression systems provider whose “track record” for providing “long term sustainable” gaseous fire suppression systems remains unbeatable and beyond reproach.

We have achieved this recognition by ensuring that the “working life” of all the different types of gaseous fire suppression systems that we provide has been safeguarded against replacement from potential future changes in Health & Safety and Environmental Legislation.

Gielle have been committed to the continued development of six types of inert and chemical gaseous fire suppression system.

As a result, during the past forty years, we have protected virtually every type of “Business/Process Critical Area” on land, at sea and in the harshest of environments imaginable.

Our continued success is reflected by the large number of global partnerships we maintain with some of the world’s major companies within the industrial, commercial, marine, oil & gas and power generation market sectors.

List of extinguishing agents:
– Novec 1230 (FK-5-1-12)
– FM-200 (HFC 227ea)
– HFC-125
– Halotron
– Inergen
– Argon
– Nitrogen
– Carbon dioxide (CO2)

Exhibition stand

Hall 13, Stand F27

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