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Hall 12, Open-air site: Better safe than sorry

As our infrastructure becomes progressively more complex, so there is a greater need to protect our society's supply lifelines. The international meeting point "Safety and Security" will host the Forum CRI!SE with the theme “"Critical Infrastructure". Your chance to get…

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Helping The Helpers To Save Lives

Emergency and rescue professionals work closely with manufacturers of medical equipment and vehicles to continually optimize the care and service provided by first responders. At INTERSCHUTZ 2015, they will showcase their latest results. In the emergency and rescue services, speed…

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Interschutz 2015 – Preparing For The Worst

LÜKEX 2015 will simulate a severe storm tide Hannover. Five months after INTERSCHUTZ, in November 2015, disaster-relief experts will congregate once again in North Germany under the umbrella of the crisis management exercise “LÜKEX 2015”. Last year’s exercise simulated a…

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